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Fire and Shop Safety

The following is from a member of a different RC club, not in San Diego:


Burnt Barn“I am fortunate to have a 20 by 30 foot workshop on the second floor of a barn.   It is a great place to work and build.   I was refinishing a piece of furniture using Watco Danish Oil last Wednesday evening.  It was quite hot and my air conditioner was not working well.  I threw the rag I was using into the trash and shut everything down at 9:30 p.m..  By 6:50 a.m. the next morning fire was bursting out of the second floor window. ??I lost everything in the workshop.  (I do have insurance so most will be restored) ??Cause of fire:

    •    High ambient temperature (above 90 degrees)
    •    Stagnant air (fans were off)
    •    Crumpled up oily rag
    •    Plastic Garbage can.

?Please be wary, this stuff really happens.  I have been using this product for 30 years without a problem, but when the right (or wrong) conditions exist you can loose your workshop or house! ???there were 28 models, 9 kits and bags of electronics plus a full array of woodworking tool all gone.”



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