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June 2016 Safety Officer’s Report

The summer is upon us! We kicked it off with a scorching hot weekend. Please remember to drink lots of water and stay hydrated on the field. Our club has been very successful, and that means a busy airspace, especially on weekends. As such, I would like to remind everyone that flying in a pattern (generally clockwise), within the Flying Area as defined by the signs on the fence, and below 400 ft is mandatory. There is a busy pedestrian sidewalk just beyond the palm trees, so it’s very important that we do not fly past the line of palm trees. We’ve updated our maps last year to remove the Soaring Area per the park ranger’s request that we do not fly over the water. Loitering on the northwest area of our airspace is likely to take you out of bounds, and possibly over people. If you see someone not in compliance, wait for them to land if possible, and politely remind them of the rules. If you witnessed the problem and I didn’t, then you are in a better position to talk to them than I am. If you don’t feel comfortable approaching them alone, flag me down, and we’ll talk to them together. When everyone follows the rules, it creates a safe and comfortable airspace everyone can enjoy.