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Safety Corner for February 2020

For the most part things have been pretty quiet from a safety perspective at the field. One item that I have observed that deserves some attention is overflying the pit area when making a landing approach. The goal is to fly the approach so the plane is on or near the center line of the runway. If you find yourself drifting to the south of the runway center it would be better to power up and go around than to continue an approach that may come over peoples heads or get tangled up in the fence.

On the subject of approaches be aware that the line as defined by the field fence extends to our flying area boundaries – and that means all flying must be north of that line. Lately there have been some cases where  fixed wing models were flying south of that line over the heli/multicopter pit area. Be aware of where you are and avoid flying to the south of the fence line!

T28 Racing:
The fleet of FMS T28s is growing and we should be in position to have a gathering in the next couple weeks and stage some demo/testing racing. If all goes as expected then we will schedule a racing event  for March. There has been a couple people ask about allowing use of 1350 packs as they have them left over from the previous racing class. The short answer is I guess it would be OK—but with the T28 being a small light plane the larger and heavier battery may lead to handling problems. Some brought up the subject of mods to the plane—the planes have to be stock——with all the plastic bits associated with the landing gear. Some raised the question of putting better centering servos in the plane—that would be just fine. The basic airframe, motor, propeller must be stock. 

Steve Neu