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Safety Corner for January 2021

The new year is here and it is a good idea to start out by reviewing some basics regarding our field operations. In no particular order here are ten things that need to be kept in mind when flying.
1) Be sure you have your FAA number on your mode
2) Be  aware of where you are flying—never fly south of the filed fence line. If in doubt check the signs posted at the pilot stations.
3) Announce in a loud voice” takeoffs”,” landings” and “on the field” so others are aware of your actions.
4) Never launch models from south of the filed fence line in the pit area. 
5) Stand or sit at or near the pilot station when flying.
6) Follow city rules and guidelines regarding the use of masks and social distancing to prevent the spread of C19.
7) Takeoff/landing direction will be the the west unless conditions warrant an easterly takeoff/landing direction. Cross field takeoffs are to be avoided.
8) If you are the last member leaving the field and there are visitors still parked in our area try to let them know that they need to  leave to avoid getting locked in.
9) Avoid flying over the water as it is out of our approved flight area
10) If a full size aircraft approaches within a mile of our field you MUST descend to 50 feet or less  until the aircraft departs the area.
We have had a brief halt in T28 races for the past two months. Assuming the C19 situation is stable or improving we will restart racing in February on the 13th. For the new season there will be some awards/prizes for those who fly and help at the races. Details TBD.
Steve Neu