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Safety Corner for March 2020

We are shut down from flying models for the duration due to Covid-19 virus. The best way to get back to normal is to observe the directions from our local health officials. Over the previous week when the weather turned nice thousands of San Diego residents headed to the beaches and parks—exactly the wrong thing to do if you want to prevent the spread of a virus— which then triggered the further restrictions of access to parks like Mission Bay on Sunday the 22nd. 
On the positive side look at the extra home time as an opportunity to do some building or fixing of models. I am sure most have a collection of kits that have been collected over time—now is your chance to spend some quality time in your shop. Get your T28s assembled and ready for flight—cross your fingers that we will be able to start some T28 racing.
Your club directors will be keeping tabs on the various restrictions and will let everyone know when we will be allowed back into our flying site.
In the mean time—build something and stay safe and healthy.
Steve Neu