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Safety Corner for March 2021

We have had an influx of new fliers at SEFSD due to some issues at several nearby flying fields. One result is an uptick in helicopter operations. We do allow helicopter flying at both the “Rotorplex” and the main runway with some restrictions. People who want to do helicopter 3D aerobatics or extended hovering should do that at the Rotorplex. Helicopters are welcome at the main runway if they are flown in a manner that integrates their flight pattern into that of the fixed wing planes. This means no 3D flying or extended hovering practice  at the main runway area. 
Some of the new members may not be aware of our flight boundaries or altitude limitations. If you see someone flying outside our field boundaries please let direct them to our the field maps and rules posted on the rules board at center field.  Please be welcoming to the new members. 
Lately I have seen a few people taxiing their planes out of and into the pit area. This is against our field rules and can pose a hazard to nearby people—often we have young kids and pets visiting and they might not know the dangers of spinning propellers. Please don’t start your motor until you place the model at the gate and shut it down before bringing it into the pit area. 
That is all I have for this month—
Steve Neu