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Safety Corner for May 2019

While generally we have had a good safety record with few serious problems lately. That said there have been a few accidents which have resulted in small fires and wounds from props. If there is an event which brings a response from the fire department or a visit to urgent care or the ER we need to make sure some basic information is collected in case there is a later insurance claim of other followup. This is something that any club member can and should do—get the basics—names of the people involved, contact information, time and date of the incidence and brief description of what occurred. This information should then be provided to the club safety officer or member of the SEFSD board. 
While we are talking safety please take a few minutes to review the AMA safety code. I know 99% of us never bother to read it but given the closer scrutiny that our activities have been getting from government agencies lately it is in our best interests to be aware of the current safety code. The flying site you save may be your own!


Steve Neu
cell 619-318-8301