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Safety Corner for November 2019

We are getting towards the end of the year and with a little luck we will continue to operate safely. During the past month the number of fliers has been lighter than usual—so it is a good time to do some flying without feeling crowded out! 
I urge all members to keep informed on what is going on with the FAA and Congress in regards to rules regarding limits that may be imposed on our model plane activities. Some of the proposed restrictions would pretty much end our ability to fly at Mission Bay. There is a good chance that some adjustments to the proposed rules will be adopted and allow clubs like ours to continue to operate safely. It would be a good idea to keep up to date with the news regarding the moves by the FAA and this link is a good source for what is going on: 
One simple and easy thing you should do is to make sure your FAA numbers are on each of your models.  If the FAA sends someone out to check, it will help our cause if they find that our members are making an effort to comply with the new rules. 
The club was sent a copy of a “letter of agreement” (LOA)  by the acting air traffic manager at Lindberg Field. The LOA as drafted has some limitations that are very restrictive in how high we can fly. The letter appears to be a “one size fits all” agreement that did not consider our long history of safe operation at the site.  Your board is soliciting advice from the AMA and others before responding to the LOA. 
It is important to continue to observe all the AMA and safety rules at this sensitive time.
Steve Neu
Safety Officer SEFSD