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Safety Corner for September 2019

Things for the most part have been pretty quiet at the field with few major safety issues to report. We have had some destroy the latch and hardware on the outhouse a couple times in the past month or so. Brad has beefed up the latch and hardware in hopes that we can keep the night crawlers out. For our who are the last to leave the filed please make sure the gate is closed AND locked. Be sure to make sure any visitors are aware that they need to leave or risk being locked in. 
On the FAA letter of agreement front no news is good news. We have not done anything to cause any concern which means members are doing their part to operate safely and avoid bringing notice to our activities. Please continue to observe the field boundaries as well as the altitude limits. For many you will be getting your AMA membership renewal notices—while you are doing that it would also be a perfect time to get your FAA number and put it on all your planes. Is is a FAA requirement—it is easy to comply with and does not cost much. There is a hefty fine possible if they catch you without the ID numbers on the plane.
One last thing—even though the weather is getting a little cooler the brush and grass at our field is very dry and the risk of fire is high. Please take care with models that go down to get to them quickly and remove the batteries and dispose of them properly to avoid fires. 
Stay safe!
Steve Neu