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Safety Report for Feb – Mar 2024

Common safety concerns at Mission Bay:

1) Please let your fellow pilots know your intentions by announcing in a loud voice when you are starting the following activities: Takeoff, Touch and go, Flyby and Landing. All too often people forget to announce or do so in such a weak voice that they can’t be heard down the flight line. Get in the habit of announcing your intentions even when you are the only pilot in the air!

2) Direction of takeoff is right to left (west) except when there is a steady wind from the east. Steady means just that—not the light puffs that occur on some calm mornings. If you want a number I would use 5mph to define steady. Trust me you can takeoff and land just fine with a 5mph tail wind!

3) Taxing in the pit area using the motor is not allowed for safety reasons—so avoid driving your model to the gate or off the runway using the motor—this applies to prop planes, EDFs and multicopters.  

4) Testing or checking the motor in your model in the pit area must be done with caution—if you need to test be sure that everyone is clear from in front and the arc of the prop for at least 20 feet——better yet take the model to an area of the flight line that is unused to do the checks. We have had several members injured by spinning props!  

Enough for now!

Steve Neu