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Safety Report for July 2016

By Quan Ngyuen


It’s been a quiet several weeks since my last newsletter. I’m thinking the prospect of OTL (Over the Line Tournament) traffic has kept people at home. Indeed, there were 30 minutes of traffic on Sea World Drive last Saturday, but those who braved it were rewarded with calm winds and an open airspace. The issues I brought up last month about flying over the palm trees and against the pattern have been resolved, and I want to thank everyone for flying safely.


A note about taxiing on the runway. Please be prompt about clearing the runway, especially if someone else yells ‘landing’. Taxi your plane from the nearest gate where you intend to take off, rather than taxi your plane up the runway for three gates, and possibly in the way of an incoming model.


Also, I just want to remind members that although many people stand in front of the gate to fly, the safest place to be is behind the fence- it is designed to offer some protection from wayward models.


In other news, the “FAA Reauthorization Bill” containing the clause that contains the “Special Rule for Model Aircraft” has passed. This simply affirms the status quo for us as a community based organization with minimal regulation by the FAA. Let’s keep it this way by flying safe.


Also, we are starting our holiday party planning early this year. Randy, Julie Njaa, and myself have volunteered to help put the event together. It’s going to be bigger and better than ever! We have a few venues in mind, although it’s in the very early stages of planning. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let one of us know.