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Safety Report for June 2023 – Safety is Everyone’s job!

Please take a few minutes to review both the AMA safety code: as well as our field rules:

One of the things I see happening too often are pilots flying over the fence line when making passes down the runway—doing so leaves no margin for error. The written field rules state that flight operations other than takeoffs and landings will be to the north side of the runway boundary. Flying towards yourself from the north and turning away at the last second with a fast plane might be fun but when others are present just don’t do it! 

Everyone in the club is a “safety officer” and has a responsibility to help others understand and follow the rules. If you see something that is happening that is breaking the AMA or SEFSD field rules wait until they land and politely mention your concerns to them—don’t start an argument. We have a reputation as a friendly club—let’s keep it that way—and be safe at the same time!

Steve Neu