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September Safety Officer’s Report

Overall, another quiet month at our field. I want to point out a safety issue I’ve noticed recently. There are some people flying scale aerobatic pattern that requires the model to return in the same “line” they started for proper execution. There have been a few times where this has caused some close calls, because the return line goes against the flying pattern at our field. When you are about to fly a scale pattern that requires flying out of our field’s pattern, please give people a heads up so we can clear the skies for you for a few minutes. I love watching well performed scale aerobatics, and it certainly requires a lot of skill. However, I just ask that it be done with minimal risk of a mid-air collision.


Also, a note about fire extinguishers. If you fly towards the end of the day after everyone else has left, you should have a fire extinguisher before you fly. If you’re the only person at the field, you’re the only one that can put out a fire if your model crashes.


That’s it for this month. I’ll see you guys this weekend!