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T28 Race Report for September 2021

See the racing pics.

See crash video here:

We had another fun knock down drag out series of T28 races on Saturday 9/11. Prior to the start of racing at 10am we had a very nice flyby with Larry Kosta flying his Piper Cub towing an American flag as remembrance of 9/11.

We had a good turnout with most of the regulars in attendance. We followed the regular format with the preliminary rounds being 5 laps followed by the finals with 10 laps. It worth noting that the overall quality of flying for the T28 races is improving with this set of preliminary races having very few cuts and accidents.

The Bronze and Silver class results came in as follows:

1st) Daric Knight
2nd) Mark Davis
3rd) Ty Thompson

1st) Steve Manganelli
2nd) Bob Stinson
3rd) Alfred Ramirez

Things got a bit more aggressive with the Gold Cup heat races with more cuts and yours truly trying to shorten the course by flying through the west end pylon! The winner it turns out was the one who stayed out of trouble —no cuts or pylon clipping!

1st) Quan Nguyen( zero cuts)
2nd) Alex Sutton (second most cuts)
3rd) Brad Bender( had the most cuts)
4th) Steve Neu( got pole position)

For those getting a new T28 ready to race and are looking for the APC prop adapters see me and I will give you one–I had a batch machined. They are is no cost for these. Also for those new to our racing series I encourage you to look at the SEFSD web site and read the various articles from the last year and a half—there you will find some useful tips for racing and setting up your plane.

Our next race is set for October 9th at 10am. I understand that a new shipment of FMS 800mm T28s should be arriving soon—so for those who have been looking, the drought should be ending soon!

Last thing—if you don’t have a pilot number yet please email me with your request—FYI most of the numbers below 20 have been taken already! The number you pick should be < 99.

Steve Neu