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T28 Race Results for June 2022

June T28 Race Report
The June edition of SEFSDs T28 racing series went off on Saturday the 11th with a good turnout. We had aa total of 10 pilots in spite of several regulars not being in attendance. We had an out-of-town visitor from Kansas(Daniel) flying in his first T28 race with a “rental” plane provided by Steve Neu. 
The preliminary rounds had some drama with one plane hitting the ground due to some confusion just before the start of the race with the needing some TLC as a result. The results of the preliminary rounds set the groupings for the finals. 
The Bronze class results:
#1 Fritz
#2 Carl
#3 Quan
Daniel jumped the start for the Bronze race and he elected to do a quick 360—as it turned out a little too quick resulting in an unplanned landing—so he did not finish the race. I think he will be back for revenge.
The Silver class results:
#1 Bruce
#2 Mark
The Gold class results:
#1 Otto
#2 Brad
#3 Steve
The Gold class had some serious drama just as the three planes crossed the starting line when my plane tangled with Brad’s plane—the net result was my plane listing 3 propeller blades and Brad’s plane sporting some bite marks on the stabilizers along with a souvenir propeller blade embedded in the stabilizer. Brad continued to race his wounded plane and finished the race although the resulting drag slowed the plane making easy for Otto to get the win.As a consolation I managed to land back on the runway with no marks on my plane as a result of the tangle.
I will remind T28 racers to review the suggested setup tips for racing a FMS 800mm T28. Pay close attention to control travel suggestions—many problems that people tend to have are related to too much control travel. Follow this link:
Steve Neu