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T28 Racing Report for April 2023

We had a great turnout for the April 8th edition of our T28 racing series with 13 pilots in attendance. The weather was near perfect with clear blue sky and calm winds. 

The preliminary rounds had lots of very close racing with the placings often being determined by who made the fewest errors. In one case Otto was attempting to catch me by flying very low—I was at maybe 5 feet above the ground  heading west and he was at 3—but the daisies were at 4 feet resulting in Otto having a unplanned layover in the flowers for his plane—which was undamaged and able to fly the rest of the event!

The finals results were as follows:


1) Otto
2) Fredrick
3) Quan
4) Artie
5) George


1) SteveM
2) Mark
3) Brian
4) Fritz


1) SteveN
2) Brad
3) Alex
4) Daric

Our May race date is May 13th at 10am. All planes should have their assigned number on the top and bottom to help the turn judges in identifying the planes. Also I would like to thank Jovi for being being the race day marshal and also to Carl and Dennis as our turn judges. 

If you break the stock 3 blade T28 it can be replaced with a 7x6E 2 blade APC prop. I made up a batch of CNC aluminum adapters that make it easy to install. The APC works just as well as the stock for 1/3 the cost and it is much stronger and less likely to break in the first place.

See you at the next race—

Steve Neu