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T28 Racing Report for April 2024

The April edition of SEFSD’s long running racing series had a strong turnout of 12 pilots. The forecasted rain arrived later than expected so it had little effect other than bringing us a light south crosswind during the races. There were many wing tip to wing tip encounters. The only real mishap occurred when Larry did a “touch and go” while diving for the start of the race—while he was just a couple feet above the ground at full throttle. Larry said he looked away for a split second to see if he jumped the start and that was just long enough for the plane to skim the runway wiping the landing gear off the plane and breaking off one prop blade. If that wasn’t enough the now crippled T28 rebounded back into the air getting to around 10 feet with its prop vibrating furiously —slowing down and finally stalling and settling back onto the runway. The damage to Larry’s pride was worse than the damage to his plane. The plane went home with Carl to be repaired and returned to service.
As for the actual races the results were as follows:
Bronze group:
1) Artie
2) Carl
3) Larry
Silver group:
Gold group:
1) SteveN
2) Glen
3) Max
4) SteveM
April’s T28 races were marshaled by Jim B who kept things moving along without gaps between rounds resulting in us getting 12 flight groups flown in less than 1 hour–or about 5 minutes per group—pretty quick! Good job!
Next T28 race is May 11th at 10am.
That wraps up another month!
Steve Neu