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T28 racing Report for August 2021

We had good turnout of 11 pilots show up for T28 race day. Prior to the start of racing Otto Dieffenbach and I hosted a short talk on useful “tips and tricks” for pilots looking to improve their racing results. We can do this again if there is interest—let me know.
Racing started a little after 10 with the usual 3 preliminary rounds. We had some exciting  and close races—once the dust settled the scores were totaled and the flight order was set for the 10 lap cup race round. The results were as follows:
Bronze class:
1) Ty 
2) David
3) Larry
Silver class:
1) Steve M
2) Alfred
3) Bob 
Gold class:
1) Steve N
2) Brad
3) Alex
4) Otto
5) Randy
The gold class race was rather crowded as there was a 4-way tie in the preliminary results for second place—so the race dictator (me) decided that a 5-plane heat would be a fun. The race was pretty rough with 4 of the pilots recording at least one cut and one clipping the pylon resulting in a busted prop and an early off field landing—no real damage done.
Mark your calendars for the next race on Sept 11 at 10am. Email me if you need a race number
Steve Neu
Click the pic for the whole album of T28 Racing pics: