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T28 Racing Report for August 2023

The August SEFSD T28 races gave come and gone with some of the closest racing of the year. We had 9 pilots signed up by 10am and started racing shortly afterwards. How did it go you ask? Well with many very competitive wing tip to wing tip races the makeup of the preliminary rankings as well as the finals all came down to the number of cuts the leaders in each heat made—resulting in Dennis and Randy having to give Jovi the “bad news walk” many time more than usual. Surprisingly the third place finishing pilots for the silver and gold races ended up taking the wins as the first and second across the finish had collected between 1 and 4 cuts resulting in the upside down results. Just goes to show that flying safely and staying out of trouble can be rewarding. On the flip side I can personally say nose to tail and wing tip to wing tip racing is well worth a few cut penalty points against the score. Brad’s saying applies—“if it ain’t rubbing it’s not racing”! I recall that Jeff had part of one wing tip eaten away by Brad’s hungry prop! Both completed their races successfully—I am happy to report that all the planes that started were flyable at the end.

Here were the final results:

1) Jeff
2) George
3) SteveM

1) Larry
2) SteveN
3) Alex

1) Cory
2) Quan
3) Brad

The next scheduled T28 race is coming up on Saturday Sept 9 at 10am. A couple of things—if you don’t have race numbers yet please contact me and I will get you a number assigned. The assigned numbers are placed on the top and bottom of the wings to help the turn judges identify the planes. Members who want to find out more about our T28 racing can find additional information on the cub web site here: The planes are the 800mm FMS T28s that come pretty much ready to race out of the box—we use the stock motors and speed controls. They are made with EPP foam and are pretty durable. The planes are available at our local Discount Hobby Warehouse or on line at several outlets. Current prices range between $139 and 169—keep a eye out for specials and discounts.

Steve Neu