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T28 Racing Report for December 2021

Last T28 race of 2021!
We closed out the 2021 racing year with some of the tightest racing ever—4 plane heats with nearly all the planes within 25 feet of each other for the entire race. On a whim I took my backup T28 with me when I headed out to the field. As it turned out that it was fortuitous as in the second round Alex and I had an epic midair—both planes came down in in parts. Alex managed to do a rapid repair with duct tape and CA to put his busted fuselage back together along with a servo and other parts borrowed from my crashed plane and got it ready for the next round. I had it easier as I just picked up my second T28 and flew it.
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After the dust settled the order for the silver and gold cup races was set as follows:
Bob Stinson
Steve M
Bob Simon
Steve Neu

The finals had 4 plane heats. 
The Silver cup was a good battle with the lead being swapped several times. Quan came across the finish line first, Alex second and Logan third—but wait! The initial order did not have the pylon cuts included—after they got factored in the ranking was reversed with Logan in first, Alex second and Quan in third—with a race leading 6 cuts counted. 

Bob Simon, Otto, SteveM and myself were in the gold cup race with every lap being contested—The finish was Otto, Steve Manganelli and me and then Bob Simon—after the cuts were counted Otto and Steve M slipped positions. After the cuts getting factored in the finish order was as Steve N, Bob Simon, Steve M and Otto. 

We will continue our T28 racing series in the new year on the same monthly schedule. All pilots should get a number to help identify their plane—you can pick your favorite number by emailing me—I keep the list and will tell you if the number is available or not. Numbers up to 99 can be picked but all the numbers below 20 are already taken.

Discount Hobbies got a good sized batch of FMS T28s in stock. The new ones come with some upgrades including a stabilization system—the sale price has increased but what hasn’t. If you are new to T28 racing go back and read up on the SEFSD web site on the rules and suggested modifications and setup tips. 

Go fast and turn left!
Steve Neu