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T28 Racing Report for December 2023

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We held the final T28 race of the year on December 9th. We had a strong turnout with 12 pilots battling it out . Several of the races were very tight with less than 5 feet between first and second places at the finish line.  After the battles of the preliminary round matchups and results for the finals were  as follows:


1) Jeff
2) Larry


1) SteveM
2) Corry
3) Carl
4) Fritz


1) Max
2) SteveN
3) Glen
4) Brad

Next year we will be continuing with the same successful rules and format. For those new to our T28 racing please read about the rules here:

All planes should display their 2 digit number as per the rules—if you need a number please contact me at and we will get one assigned to you.

Also if you have any questions about setting up or trimming your T28 feel free to see me at the field( most Sundays) or by email at the above address. There is no secret tuning or tweaks to the T28 planes, motors/props or controllers that make much difference in speed—all planes are very close. The differences have to do with trimming and practice. Settings for sport flying usually result in a plane that is difficult to fly smoothly 10 feet off the ground—spend some time on setup!

For those looking to acquire a T28 there will be 4 given away at the annual party in January!

The January T28 races will be followed by the return of Pop Wing racing. Be sure to bring lots of charged batteries!

Repeat after me “ go fast and turn left” !

Steve Neu