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T28 Racing Report for Feb 2024

There was no T28 racing this month due to the heavy rains we had which made the pit area and runway just too wet for people and planes. Assuming the weather gods smile on us we will be back to our regular schedule with the next race on March 9th starting at 10am. 

A few tips for going fast in no particular order:

1) Practice flying the course!

2) Check the CG—with a 1000mAh battery or larger the planes often are nose heavy. They will turn better with at least a nickel for weight added to the tail. 

3) Reduce your control throw on the elevator and ailerons ! You are racing—not doing 3D aerobatics—you want to fly smoothly.

4) If you have a stability equipped radio consider using it to help keep the track straight between pylons .

5) Warm batteries hold a higher voltage—put the packs on the dashboard to warm them up before racing.

You can find more details on T28 racing here: