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T28 Racing Report for Jan 2022

The first T28 race of the new year is in the books. There were most of the usual suspects along with some newcomers The 3 preliminary rounds ran very smoothly with the 3-4 planes in each heat. There were plenty of tight races with planes trading positions multiple times. The scores for the preliminary round results were totaled and the 10 lap final rounds were set with the results as follows:

Bronze Cup

  1. Frank Gagliardi
  2. Alfred Ramirez
  3. Fritz Logan

Silver Cup

  1. Quan Nguyen
  2. George Sullivan
  3. Larry Kosta

Gold Cup

  1. Steve Neu
  2. Alex Sutton
  3. Bob Stinson
  4. Steve Manganelli

It was notable that there were zero cuts during all the preliminary flights or the finals—a first. There was some speculation that the absence of Otto Dieffenbach at this months race might have been a factor in the absence of cuts—after all Otto is one of the hard core racers that is often pushing the limits and others follow his example…….

There were several fresh new T28s in the flight line—now that they are back in stock at Discount Hobbies. If you have been waiting to get involved in our T28 races now would be a good time to get a plane setup and going. New pilots will need to get their race numbers assigned —-email me with your choices and I will get check to see if it is available—-numbers should be between 1 and 99. The numbers under 20 are all taken so select accordingly.  The rules and setup tips can be found on the SEFSD web site here:

Our next T28 races will be February 12th at 10am. Be ready to go fast and turn left!

Steve Neu