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T28 Racing Report for Jan 2024

Our first T28 race of the year had 15 pilots going for the gold. The weather was nearly perfect with calm winds. We had most all of the usual suspects plus several new faces. Alex made the trek down from school up north to race—dedication!
With large numbers of pilots we had numerous fast paced 4 plane heats with lots of wing tip to wing tip duals resulting in one injured plane(mine). My backup T28 was standing at the ready for the next round—as Brad likes to say “Rubbing is Racing”! 
After the dust settled for the preliminary rounds and the results totaled the matchups for the finals was set. The 10 lap finals tend to reward consistency over risk taking.
The finals results were as follows:
Bronze: Jeff
Silver: Steve
Gold: Max
After the medals were passed out we had a raffle for the pilots and people who helped run the contest as a way to say thanks! 
For those interested in joining our monthly races, getting a FMS 800mm T28 is pretty easy with planes available at our local Discount Hobbies in Kearney Mesa of from various online retailers. One of the rules is that each plane needs to have a “racing number” displayed on both the top and bottom  of their wings to help identify the planes to the turn judges. If you need a number please send me a email and we will get one assigned to you. Additional information on the racing format and the planes can be found here:
That is it for this month—be sure to “ go fast and turn left”!
Steve Neu