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T28 Racing Report for July 2023

9 pilots with their T28 racing planes were present for the July edition of our long running T28 racing series. Weather was clear and warm with light wind down the runway—nearly a perfect day. One of our long time regulars was missing –Alex is headed up north to attend SJSU to study to become a professional pilot. Let’s hope he can come down visit us when he gets breaks in his schedule.
The three qualifying rounds were flown without any accidents or crashes. The results were totaled and the matchups for the finals set. The finals races were as follows:
1) Steve M
2) Cory
3) Larry K
3)George H
1) Steve N
2) Otto
3) Brad B
It is somewhat notable that our club treasurer (Steve M) collected the award for the most cuts. We had the usual pilot and helpers raffle with various electric goodies being given away. 
The next T28 race is on the schedule for August 12th starting at 10AM.
Steve Neu