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T28 Racing Report for June 2023

By Steve Neu

We had a record turnout for out June T28 races with 14 pilots in the hunt for the awards! With such a large group most all the preliminary heats had groups of 4 pilots which resulted in some close racing—in one case too close. In the third preliminary heat I Otto and I were running wing tip to wing tip when our planes tangled together just before the second pylon—tangled up pretty good as they stuck together all the way to the ground—both were damaged enough so both us flew our second planes for the remainder of the races. 

With such a large field we tried to work out way to accommodate everyone in the finals which resulted in 6 pilots on the gold race—I think the resulting fur ball of planes was a bit much and next time we have a large field of pilots we will figure out how to distribute the  groups so we don’t have more than 4 planes in the air at a time.

A final thing—we had a few pilots whose planes “lost their landing gear pants” at some point. Our T28 races are “spec” races which means the planes must be completely stock with all the plastic bits that come with the plane present when you place the plane on the runway. So please review what is and is not allowed for our series—the planes and motors must be the ones that came with the plane. You can change out the controller and use a APC 7x6E prop—see me for the prop adapter bits if you want to change to the APC prop. No modifications to the airframe are allowed. The compete rules can be found here:   Keep your pants on when racing!

See the Race Pics Here.

The results:


1) Carl
2) Cory
3) Larry
4) George


1) Max
2) SteveM
3) Quan
4) Fritz


1) Otto
2) SteveN
3) Brad
4) Alex
5) Glen
6) Fredrick

Our next race will be July 8th!  As usual if you need a racing number assigned let me know by email (

For those that can make it the Weedwackers are hosting a T28 race this coming Saturday the 24th using the same format as our series does. See above flyer for details.