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T28 Racing Report for May 2023

We had 13 pilots show up for our May edition of the T28 races with several newcomers to the series. 

The preliminary rounds were all hard fought contests with lots of wing tip to wing tip encounters. In the finals Alex decided he wanted to take the checkered flag at all costs—the only one in site was the turn two marker flag which he center punched perfectly stopping his plane in its tracks—with zero damage it turns out. Advice: next time go a couple feet further –then turn!
The results of the preliminary rounds produced the following matchup for the finals:
1) Corey
2) George H
3) George S
1) Fredrick
2) Steve N
3) Quan
4) Steve M
1) Otto
2) Brad
3) Larry
4) Alex
All in a a fun Saturday morning. The next T28 race will be June 10 at 10am. Get your planes trimmed for racing. There are setup tips for racing on the SEFSD web site:
If you need a prop adapter to use the APC 7x6E prop see me—I usually have some in the car.
Steve Neu
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