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T28 Racing Report for May 2024

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by Steve Neu

We had a great turnout on May 11th with 13 pilots turning out to battle for the top spots. There was a lot of very close races with  a couple planes  touching without any damage. The results of the three preliminary rounds set the standings for the finals  with the results as follows:

1) Jeff
2) Fritz
3) Artie
4) Rockie

1) Max
2) SteveN
3) Fredrick
4) SteveM
5) Larry

1) Corey
2) Brad
3) Glen
4) George

A special thanks for Jovi for being the race master , Dennis , Jim for being turn judges and Frank as our photographer!

Three tips for winning races:

1) It pays to practice  flying the course on non race days

2) Most people have too much control travel for elevator and ailerons—you are racing not doing 3D!

3) Fly “smoothly”! Large rapid control inputs lead to scrubbing speed.

The June races will be as usual on the 2nd Saturday the 8th at 10am.