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T28 Racing Report for Nov 2022

We had a good turnout of 9 pilots for the second to last T28 race for the year. Many regulars attended along with a some new racers. Things started out with SteveM and Alex trading places numerous times in the first round followed by Brad and SteveN having a similar battle for the checkered flag in the second heat. There were a few touch and go midair love taps but no major damage. The one more serious solo crash happened when Artie’s T28 decided to dive into the ground near pylon one in the second round. A few new parts and it will be back in the mix next time.

The results of the 3 preliminary rounds set the order for the final bronze, silver and gold races with the results as follows:

1st) Jeff
2nd) Fritz


1st) SteveN
2nd) Brad
3rd) Glen

We are planning for one more T28 “bonus” race on Dec 10th at 10AM. It turns out we have a set of medals and we need to use them. If you have not already got a T28 check out the FMS web site or Discount Hobbies to find stock. There is more info on the planes and racing format here:

New T28 pilots needing a race number please email me to get one assigned.