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T28 Racing Report for November 2023

We had a good turnout with 10 pilots signing up to guide their FMS T28s around our race course. We had near perfect sunny and warm weather with calm winds making for some very close flying. We flew our usual 3 qualifying 5 lap races followed by the 10 lap finals. The results of the finals were as follows:
1) Artie
2) Larry
3) George
1) SteveM
2) Carl
3) Fritz
1) SteveN
2) Glen
3) Brad
I notice that many T28 pilots follow the FMS instructions in regards to control throws—which is way too much when you are trying to fly less than 10 feet above the flowers/weeds. Think about the amount of roll and pitch control that you really need to fly a smooth course. The plane moves from wings level on the straights to knife edge —this is a gradual change taking no more than 0.25 inches  of aileron travel—elevator takes even less to get the job done. In my setup I pull full aft stick when rounding the pylon—makes it easier to keep the plane on the right flight path without over controlling. You might want to set the racing travel rates to your flight modes or dual rates to get you enough travel for fun flying and landings. Expo is also useful to tame things down. One last suggestion is  to check and adjust the CG—I have found with the standard 1000mAh battery in the nose it takes some weight on the tail to get the pitch response I want. I usually add a quarter to the bottom of the horizontal stab.
Anyone who wants some help with trimming their T28s just ask and I will be happy to help—I am at the field most Sundays from 11:30am to 2:30pm. If there is enough interest we can arrange a “tips and tricks” clinic.
For those that want to use the APC 7x6E props let me know and I will give you an CNC machined adapter and washer—I usually have them with me so just ask. They are free.
Some pilots are flying without numbers—if you don’t have a race number email me with your  3 favorite numbers between 1 and 99—most of the low(<20) numbers have been taken already. Numbers need to be displayed on the planes to assist in ID at the turns.
Our last race of the year will be on December 9th at 10am. 
Steve Neu