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T28 Racing Report for September 2023

We had a strong turnout of 12 pilots for our September 9th edition of T28 racing in spite of some of the regulars being absent. As is often the case the qualifying races were all very tight including a spectacular midair between George and Otto that looked looked much worse than it really was. In a show of great sportsmanship Otto and George shared Otto’s backup plane allowing both to compete in all the races. After the dust settled from the preliminary rounds the finals awaited. The results were as follows:
The gold group race results could easily have been reversed if it weren’t for a “race to the bottom” between Steve and Brad resulting in a “unscheduled landing” by Brad’s T28—to add insult to injury our eagle eyed turn judges awarded him a cut. The good news was that the damage was minor to his plane.
A special thanks to Frank, our official photographer for documenting our race in spite of his son Alex being away at school. In addition I also want to thank Dennis and Carl our sharp eyed turn judges.
Our next T28 races will be October 14th at 10am.
 Some good news from FMS the T28 supplier—after they got wind of our racing series using their T28s they contacted me to get some info regarding SEFSD. After some discussion FMS is offering all SEFSD members a 10% discount any airplanes and accessories. The discount is good for a single purchase by each member. The discount applies to prop and EDF models— simply use the discount code SEFSD at checkout.
Steve Neu