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T28 Racing & Safety Report for March 2023

The rain gods decided that they would work overtime —the result was a very wet race day with the field being closed and locked to prevent damage to the soft runway by people walking on it. Our next scheduled race day will be  April 8th starting at 10AM. If you need a racing number please contact me by email.

For those new to or interested in more information on our T28 racing series follow this link to additional information and rules:

The series of rain storms that have come through San Diego in the past few weeks have required us to limit access to the field for a day or two after we have heavy rain. This is done by an additional lock that is painted RED. Until this lock is opened  the field is closed to all flying. The reason is to limit damage to the runway surface from people walking on it before it has had a chance to dry. 


Thank You
Steve Neu