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T28 Racing & Safety Report for March 2024

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This month’s T28 racing report is somewhat abbreviated because a number of the regulars were not able to attend because of other commitments—myself included. Thank you Jim Bonnardel  for stepping up at the last minute to take the helm and run the races.

The smaller field of planes had lots of good close races with Corry and Brad both going into the finals with first places in all the preliminary rounds.  Cory grabbed the gold when after Brad reportedly cut one of the turns. Second and third went to Artie and Larry.

The next T28 races will be on Saturday the 13th of April at 10am.

It was brought to my attention that some people seem to think it is OK to fly over the roads to the south —let me make it perfectly it is not OK to fly over Sea World Drive or South Shores Drive. The simple thing to do is just extend the fence lines to both the west and to the east and keep your plane north of it. Gliders are no exception to this rule—I don’t care if the “lift is better” over there or not—just don’t go there…..

Thats it for this month—have fun and fly safe!

Steve Neu